Willem Maker

New Moon Hand

1. Black Beach Boogie
2. Rain On A Shinin
3. White Ladye
4. Hex Blues
5. Saints Weep Wine
6. The Greatest Hit
7. Stars Fell On
8. New Moon Hand
9. Old Pirate’s Song
10.Lead & Mercury
11. Hard to Hold
12. Rosalie

Catalog #: 0212

Format: CD


Album Info

In a soft Southern drawl that stands in stark contrast to the raw howl of his singing, Willem Maker looks out from his home on Turkey Heaven Mountain in East Alabama and says with what sounds like relief, “It´s the middle of nowhere.” The rural beauty of his home tends to find its way into his songs, which weld the molten electric guitars of Neil Young´s Crazy Horse with the melodicism of Nick Drake and the lyricism of Townes Van Zandt. But for Maker, it has been a perilous and painstaking path to Turkey Heaven Mountain-a gut wrenching mental, emotional and spiritual journey that he unflinchingly chronicles on his new album New Moon Hand, due out on Big Legal Mess Records in March.

A follow-up to Stars Fell On, the acclaimed debut that he recorded alone at home, New Moon Hand finds Maker joined by such blues and rock and roll luminaries as Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jim Dickinson and Cedric Burnside. But despite the distinctiveness of the contributors, the sound is uniquely his own, and Maker establishes himself as a brilliant emerging artist with a story few can imagine.

Listen to Hex Blues: