Henry Dunkle

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Henry Dunkle´s home and recording studio looks more like a junk store than a place to live and work. So far I´ve counted eight reel to reel machines, three organs, a dozen different Steinbeck novellas and four guitars, that most musicians wouldn´t describe as high end.The wood paneled walls, the piles of books, and musical relics reflect Dunkle and his music because this room looks how his music sounds.

Even though Henry was born in the late 1980´s, his brothers and parents introduced him to music from all eras early on. Dunkle still recalls riding to elementary school listening to Bob Dylan and Otis Redding in the family van with his two brothers and sister. Dunkle remarks that,” In 1st grade I really liked Dylan´s `Oxford Town,´ mostly cause I liked saying `Oxford Town/ Oxford Town´ and year or two later my brother made us listen to `Sitting on the Dock of the Bay´ every morning on the drive to school, but he did get pretty good at whistling the solo.”

His parents aided his interest in music by buying him a guitar when he was 7 and taking him to see Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash in concert all before he was even ten years old. As he got older he focused less on learning other people´s songs and had a growing interest in writing and recording his own songs. His songs often focus on telling a story and he builds musical accompaniment to fit the style and theme of the lyrics, with the sound usually falling somewhere between folk blues and indie rock. His new e.p. was produced by Bruce Watson and recorded at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley Mississippi with help from his friends.