Bishop Manning and the Manning Family

Converted Mind – The Early Recordings

1. Manning Family Thems Song
2. Back In St. Matthew Days
3. I Am A Pilgrim
4. The Jealous Men and The Jealous Women
5. Help All The People Everywhere
6. Going Off Theme
7. The Lord Sent Brother John
8. Don’t Let Satan Ride
9. The Gospel Train
10. What The People Gonna Do
11. Information Long Distance – Marie Manning
12. The People Don’t Pray Like They Used To Pray
13. This Is Everybody’s Song
14. Talk About Me – Marie Manning
15. What They Gonna Do
16. The Last Step
17. If You Miss Me
18. I Wanna Thank You Jesus
19. Something Inside Me
20. Back In Slavery Days
21. Count Of Your Deeds – Carolyn Manning
22. I Know You Been Good To Me – “Little” Paul Manning
23. You Don’t Know What I’ve Been Through
24. I Thank You Jesus For Another Birthday
25. I Want To Shout At The Meeting
26. Somebody Is Calling My Name

Bonus Tracks by The Gospel Four featuring Dready and Marie Manning

27. Sit Down Servant
28. I Believe I’ll Run On – - Marie Manning

Catalog #: 157

Format: CD


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