Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain / Henry Dunkel Split 7″

1. Right Inside My Pocket – Dan Sartian.
2. Day By Day – Henry Dunkel.

Catalog #: BLM 0254

Format: Vinyl


Album Info

Dan Sartain and Henry Dunkle are two musicians from Birmingham Alabama who admire each others music very much. It would only be a matter of time before the two put out a release together (thanks Bruce).

Both musicians have unique styles, but there are more similarities than differences. Many musical acts tend to get their feathers ruffled when they find other acts that sound like they do. This is not the case with Henry and Dan. Both have chosen to embrace each others sounds, differences and similarities included.

All Instruments played by Dan Sartian except:
Steven Robinson – organ on “Day By Day”
Ruby C. Rogers – Backing Vox/handclaps on “Right Inside My Pocket”
Lynn Bridges – Engineering /Cymbals on “Right Inside My Pocket”

Produced by Dan Sartain at Dial Back Sound Studio in Water Valley, MS