George Henry Bussey, Jim Bunkley

Jim Bunkley and George Henry Bussey

Jim Bunkley
1. Segregation Blues
2. Jack of Diamonds
3. 16-20 (with Lottie Kate)
4. Rocking Chair Blues
5. Blues Came From Texas
6. The Howling Wolf
7. Them Greasy Greens
8. Black Gal (with Lottie Kate)
9. What’s the Matter With the Mill

George Henry Bussey
1. V8 Ford
2. When I’m Sober, When I’m Drunk Blues
3. Grieving Over Me
4. Mean Mistreater
5. Blues Around My Bed
6. Kansas City Blues
7. Catch a Greyhound
8. Come Around to My House, Baby

Catalog #: BLM0527

Format: Vinyl


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