Heavy Trash

Midnight Soul Serenade

1. Gee, I Really Love You
2. Good Man
3. Bumble Bee
4. The Pill
5. Pimento
6. (Sometimes You Got to Be) Gentle
7. Isolation
8. Bedevilment
9. Sweet Little Bird
10. That´s What Your Love Gets
11. In My Heart

Catalog #: BLM0248

Format: CD, Vinyl

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Album Info

New York, NY: On their third full-length record, Midnight Soul Serenade, American rock´n´roll revolutionaries Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray) continue their journey, delivering a stunning portrait of love and devotion gone good, gone wrong, and just gone, gone, gone.

Recorded at NY HED Studios in the Lower East Side and Toe Rag in London, Mssrs. Spencer and Verta-Ray are joined by an all-star team featuring New York roots-rock champion Simon Chardiet (Simon & the Bar Sinisters, James Chance, Joey Miserable & the Worms, Bo Diddley) on double bass, Sam Baker (Lambchop) on drums, and numerous guests, including Danish rockers PowerSolo, piano ace Mickey Finn (who has also held down that job for Motown legends The Miracles and Barrett Strong), Daniel Collas (The Phenomenal Handclap Band) on organ, and Tennessee sweethearts Those Darlins. Additional mixing was done with Scott Harding (New Kingdom) and Alap Momin (Dalek).

From the brooding promise of “Good Man” to the subtle brutality of “(You´ve Got to Be) Gentle,” the outer-space terror of “Isolation,” and the lysergic balladry of “That´s What Your Love Gets,” this is the sound of two men, souls stripped bare, transmogrified.

Midnight Soul Serenade is a slightly darker, barrel-fermented, and brilliantly matured dose of Heavy Trash. On every track Verta-Ray´s guitars pulsate, ooze, and percolate, while Spencer croons and twangs, shakes and shudders, with raw power and passion. There are more switch-blade riffs, crazy rhythms, sexual tension, and mind-blowing moments of palpable release on this record than ever before.

Listen to Gee, I Really Love You: