J. W. Warren

Life Ain’t Worth Livin’

1. Hoboing Into Hollywood
2. Sundown Blues
3. Trucking Little Woman
4. Little Louise
5. When Your Gal Packs Up and Leaves
6. My Mind Gets to Wandering
7. Careless Love
8. Rabbit On A Log
9. The Escape of Corinna
10. Hwy 51
11. A Long Old Lane
12. You’re Gonna Miss Me

Catalog #: BLM0508

Format: Vinyl


Album Info

JW Warren was born in 1921 in Enterprise, Al. In a family of eleven children, he was the only one to take up music, starting at the age of fifteen or sixteen. He entered the military as a young adult and served for 14 years. After serving in the military, he started farming and began to play barbeques at house parties in southeast Alabama.

“I came up the hard way. I never had a break whatsoever In other words, I never had a break in my life. I was born in the wrong part of the world and then again I didn’t go any place else. My daddy gave me a good raising and I know how to treat people, how to be respectful to folks. I like that. But I had too much trouble in my life. I didn’t do anything with the talent I had because I didn’t have that much education. When you got a bad break like I had you doubt yourself, you know it’s rough man!”

JW Warren died of a heart attack at his home in Ariton, AL, on the afternoon of August 5, 2003