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Jack Oblivian

Rat City

1. Rat City
2. Mass Confusion
3. Old Folks Boogie
4. Dark Eyes
5. Kidnapper
6. Crime of Love
7. Girl on the Beach
8. Moses and Me
9. Girl With the Bruises
10. Lover Please!
11. Jealous Heart
12. Caboose Jump

Catalog #: BLM0265

Format: CD, Vinyl

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Album Info

When you come to the Jack Oblivian party, you are going to expect some pawn shops, bad intentions and low-down sleaze and on his new album Rat City (in stores September 13th), he delivers. From the feral existentialism of songs like “Rat City” and “Mass Confusion” to the unhinged love songs with underlying sweetness like “Girl on the Beach” to vignette-heavy songs like “Girl with the Bruises”, Jack disembowels American roots music and the resulting deconstructed songs are tied together with an undeniable groove that only a drummer could muster. He plays much of the album’s instruments himself with a little help from some of his friends and his storytelling skills have never been better. Jack will celebrate the album’s release with a performance at Goner Fest’s kickoff Thursday, September 22nd.

Jack Oblivian channels the spirit of proto punk as well as blues, country and junkyard rock; his songs embody haunting, echo-y swamp boogie. His collaborations with the cream of the Memphis music crop guarantee that the players on Rat City fit like the proverbial glove. Look for a US tour to be announced soon.

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