Bishop Manning and The Manning Family

Dready Manning was a wild man. He drank whisky, he sold whisky, he stayed out all night playing blues in bars and clubs, he drove fast automobiles, he broke women’s hearts. But the Lord had other plans for young Manning, and he sent the message in a dramatic way, curing him instantly under the power of prayer of an affliction that had beaten the best medical science could offer. From that day on, Dready Manning had a “converted mind.” He gave up whisky, stopped carousing, walked away from clubs and bars. But he kept his music, turning it instead to the service of the Lord and making it into a family affair with his wife, Marie and their children. Nearly 40 years later, the series of recordings the Manning Family made through the 1970s retain all the sparkle and down-home sincerity that made them gems when they were recorded. The records are rare today but they have been painstakingly gathered together and reissued on this collection. The package also includes rare photographs, collected from many sources – including Bishop Manning’s personal archives – and comprehensive notes by gospel researcher and writer Alan Young. Welcome to the world of the Manning Family.