Theotis Taylor "Something Within Me", Out June 29th

Theotis Taylor

Theotis Taylor’s new album, Something Within Me, will be the first time the world has heard a full length album from this legendary Georgian gospel singer and pianist. Something Within Me features newly discovered music of Theotis’ voice and piano that was recorded in 1979 alongside new studio accompaniment from...

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R.I.P. Leo “Bud” Welch (1932-2017)

R.I.P. Leo “Bud” Welch (1932-2017) Leo “Bud” Welch passed away December 19, 2017 at the age of 85. Born in 1932 in Sabougla, Mississippi, Welch spent his entire life in the area where he was raised.

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J.D. Wilkes – “Fire Dream”, Out 2/16

J.D. Wilkes – “Fire Dream”, Out 2/16 A sense of place has long permeated the music of J.D. Wilkes. He’s a native of Paducah, Kentucky, an area where musical variety is in the air and in the blood memory of its people.

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