I Heard The Voice

I Heard The Voice

Faith & Harmony

Faith & Harmony are a family gospel sextet from Greenville, NC consisting of KeAmber Daniels, Christy Moody, Andrea Edwards, Tinesha Weaver, Alexandria Sugg and Kadesha Speight. Along with their familial counterparts, the Dedicated Men of Zion, Faith & Harmony represent North Carolina's sacred soul sound and legacy. Recorded at the new home of Memphis producer Matt Ross-Spang (who acts as rhythm guitarist in this offering), Southern Grooves sets the backdrop for the video companion to title track "I Heard The Voice", the hit that made Elizabeth King famous for D-Vine Spirituals all those years ago. Produced by Bruce Watson & Will Sexton for Bible & Tire Recording Co. in Memphis, TN, the debut album I Heard The Voice is will be released worldwide October 20th, 2023.


Side A:

  1. I Heard the Voice (featuring Tinesha Weaver)
  2. Crying in the Streets (featuring Christy Moody)
  3. Don't Be Dismayed (featuring Christy Moody)
  4. A Leak in this Old Building (featuring Christy Moody & Tinesha Weaver)
  5. I'll Praise Him (featuring KeAmber Daniels) 

Side B:

  1. Friends (featuring KeAmber Daniels)
  2. We Will Work (featuring Alexandria Sugg)
  3. This Evening Our Father (featuring Alexandria Sugg)
  4. Right Now, I Feel Alright (featuring Kadesha Speight)
  5. Come See About Me (Andrea Edwards)