Wheels on Fire

Wheels on Fire, a four-piece band from Ohio (USA), has been described as Elvis Costello meets the Stooges. After touring Europe and the US extensively, Wheels on Fire locked themselves in their basement with a couple microphones and a tape machine to record the songs that had materialized on the road. In the summer of 2008, they played a show with Jack Oblivion and gave him a copy of the new home recordings, which he then passed on to the famed Bruce Watson at Fat Possum Records. A compilation of these songs, titled GET FAMOUS!, is now available on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records. With no bass player, the band´s rhythm section relies instead on Matt Chaney´s primal drumbeats and Susan Musser´s wailing keys to build a frenzied, rhythmic scream. Mike Chaney and John Garris add to the howling with their blistering guitars and dual lead vocals as they sing songs about sex, UFOs and the teenage blues. Honing their live shows in support of acts such as King Kahn and the Shrines, Jack-O and The Tennessee Tearjerkers, Rivercity Tanlines and the Reigning Sound, Wheels on Fire has emerged as a razor sharp, blood letting rock´n´roll machine. Wheels on Fire will be touring Europe and the US all of 2009.