Sacred Soul of North Carolina

Sacred Soul of North Carolina

Various Artists

Eleven groups in eight days. A marathon recording session in a makeshift storefront studio in a 100-year-old building in the tiny Eastern North Carolina town of Fountain. Once the idea for the project was in place, Alice Vines of the Glorifying Vines Sisters started calling local musicians. It didn’t take her long to line up almost a dozen groups to come lift their voices and represent the region’s unique Sacred Soul traditions.

When the groups on this record gathered to record in February of 2020, they couldn’t have known that the world was on the heels of a global pandemic, or that the year would bring great turmoil and social upheavals. But in the reality created by gospel songs even the greatest of trials are not surprising, nor can they be ultimately devastating. Every time singers stepped up to the mic during these sessions, they created a sonic world where no amount of bad news can undermine the truth of The Good News. Even when “you can’t really see a solution to what you’re dealing with at the moment,” says Kiamber Daniels of Faith and Harmony, singing gospel music will remind you, “hey, I’m still here; I got what it takes to make it through this. It will give you a sense of peace.”

Produced by Bruce Watson (Fat Possum/Big Legal Mess/Bible & Tire), this collection of sacred soul recordings of Eastern North Carolinian gospel groups is a one of a kind exploration. With a rich heritage of family gospel music, the artists in this area have been honing their craft over generations and have their own way of making the material original and unique. This is Sacred Soul of North Carolina.



  1. Can't Turn Me Around - Dedicated Men of Zion
  2. It's A Shame - Dedicated Men of Zion
  3. Tell It All To Jesus - The Vines Sisters
  4. Somewhere To Lay My Head - Johnny Ray Daniels
  5. Glory Glory - Johnny Ray Daniels
  6. Tell It - Big James Barrett & The Golden Jubilees
  7. Use Me Lord - Big James Barrett & The Golden Jubilees
  8. Ask God In Faith - Big Walt & The Faithful Jordanairs
  9. Victory - Faith & Harmony
  10. We Will Work - Faith & Harmony
  11. He's Coming Again - The Johnsonairs
  12. Trying To Make It - The Johnsonairs
  13. Shake Me - Bishop Albert Harrison & The Gospel Tones
  14. Stand Up - Bishop Albert Harrison & The Gospel Tones
  15. I Want To Be Ready - Little Willie & The Fantastic Spiritualaires
  16. Have You Tried Jesus - Little Willie & The Fantastic Spiritualaires
  17. No Ways Tired - Marvin Earl "Blind Butch" Cox
  18. Amazing Grace - Melody Harper